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Who Am I


Hello, I am Ishaan Rawat. I wrote BackPack, a pure CSS responsive framework. I love coding and designing websites. I also like programming especially android programming is one of the topics I love to spend my time in. I also like to solve people’s problems and issues on many public forums like Experts-Exchange, WordPress Forums, etc.

How I Started

My interest in coding started when I was 13. I started with HTML 4.0 and gradually started learning CSS with it. After the entrance of HTML5, I started creating templates with CSS3. Then I learnt JavaScript and JQuery.

What I am doing now

I am presently trying to improve BackPack and making it more user friendly. BackPack is a CSS framework created by me it’s one of its kind as it’s the only CSS framework which make your website responsive even at a resolution of 2880 x 1440 resulting in a fully covered website. Now your website would not stick in the center anymore in large resolutions.

Favourite Tools

Sublime Text 3