Many a time we want to unblock port or enable port forwarding to create a gaming server. After so many attempts and revolving around Google, I finally found a way to unblock ports in BSNL modems/routers. So let’s start…

1. Know your IPv4 address

So to know your IPv4 address, follow the steps –
  • Open Run ( Start + R ).
  • Type¬†cmd
  • Type ipconfig /all
  • This will display your network configurations. Search for IPv4 address. Like mine is 192 . 168 . 1 . 2.

2. Setup

  • Open your browser
  • Type 192 . 168 . 1 . 1 in the address bar.
  • The page will ask you to enter Username and Password. Enter the admin one.
  • After logging in, click on Advanced Setup in the left sidebar.
  • Then click on NAT
  • This would open a page somewhat like this.
  • Click on Add
  • This would take you to a page having somewhat like this.
  • Select the required option if you want to set it up for a gaming server or select Custom Server.
  • Type in your IPv4 address in the Server IP address box.
  • Fill the table according to your wants. If you want to unblock all the ports do as I have done or if you want to unblock a specific port put in that port number in all the fields in a row.
    Note: If you select an option it will enter the ports automatically.
  • Then click on Save/Apply to save and enable your settings
  • The final screen would be somewhat like this. (I have also selected an option Half Life Server to show you how it works.)

Thats it …!!